Attitude towards investing > your investing approach

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One thing that never stops surprising an experienced investor has to do with divergent perspectives which people operate within the markets. And this is despite the fact that all of these participants have one common objective – to earn adequate returns while minimizing the risks, overtime. There are believers of ‘technicals’ who earn money through […]

Strong but questionable form of competitive advantage

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Charlie Munger in one of his speeches described a test he has performed at a number of US schools – I have posed at two different business schools the following problem. I say, “You have studied supply and demand curves. You have learned that when you raise the price, ordinarily the volume you can sell […]

Capital Cycle Investing: Figuring out the Fade Rate

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Reading about how other successful investors have, over the years, threaded their path ends up uncovering some fresh insights. And even if many a times these insights are not as ‘ground breaking’ as others, these offer interesting perspectives to look at existing realities. They helps us by way of broadening our worldly understanding of the […]

Investing is not just about deep moats

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Buffett has taught us a lot about the importance of having a business with a strong competitive advantage around it. He called them businesses with a ‘moat’. Due to Berkshire’s increasing size ($400Bn+ market cap currently) things have become complicated, overtime. Anyone who has read his annual letters written over last 3-5 decades will see […]