This is my first post on the website. There were some thoughts going on in my mind as to whether I should go ahead with this idea of starting a blog or not.

After all, blogging requires a commitment of time & effort. And as Mr Munger says, if something is not worth doing at all, it is surely not worth doing well.

So question was – is it really worth the effort?

Investing frequently involves weighing value you get versus the cost you need to pay. While the cost involved was clear here (couple of hours every week), what was the value which I was looking to derive?

To start with, writing something makes us stop and think deeper. Habits like writing a diary or a blog regularly not only improves one’s thought process, it also helps in improving upon one’s communication skills.

Diary becomes a ‘log’ which can be looked back over time and thoughts could be revisited. In essence, this means that thoughts can remain ‘intact’ just as they were while writing.  Also, these could be improved upon learning from newer experiences, overtime.

In case of a blog, there is also a timely ‘feedback’ from the reader which sometimes gives the topic a different perspective which we would have otherwise missed.

To sum up, when it comes to investing, the importance of clear thinking cannot be understated. Writing about it will only make one better at it overtime while helping several others to get better at their own game – a cause which makes the effort worth taking!


Niraj Bardia